About Larry

From studying for the priesthood to being part of the pit crew for Evel Knievel, Larry has risen to the top the hard way. Larry spent thirteen years learning hard lessons on what he calls a road of "personal destruction." Amazingly these life experiences propelled him to a road of "personal construction" that included Kent State University; nine years teaching in the classroom; three years developing Outreach and at-risk youth programming, five years as a counselor, founder and Executive Director of Youth4Youth and CEO of Success Training Services, but most importantly, raising three sons.

Larry is a leader in helping others develop success skills as demonstrated by the development and implementation of leadership and success training programs in 50+ schools to impact over 52,000 youth and adults. Because of his work he and was recognized by Project Love as a Community Rescuer in Cleveland, Ohio.

He is a two-time semifinalist in the World Championship of Public Speaking and people find his style genuine and down to earth.

In the classroom his vocational students were consistently the best as evidenced by winning 1st Place in the U.S. Vocational Skills Competition in the State of Ohio and competing at the national level for nine (9) consecutive years.